Zachary Gureasko

Zachary Gureasko


Clean & Jerk: 290 lbs
Snatch: 205 lbs
Squat: 415 lbs
Deadlift: 460 lbs
Grace: 2:35
Zach Loves Lifting!


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Coach

When he was in middle school, Zach's dad took him to the gym for the very first time. Zach was not particularly athletic growing up and readily admits that he disliked playing team sports. However, Zach's parents taught him the importance of trying new things, and that it is better to try and fail than not to try at all. Still, from a young age, the importance of health and wellness was instilled in Zach. Zach fondly remembers his sophomore year of high school, where he and his dad woke up at 5:30 a.m. most mornings before school to go to the gym. Throughout his teenage years and into college, Zach continued to work out. However, in 2013, he decided he needed something different, and as a New Year's Resolution in 2014, Zach finally acquiesced to his friends' numerous requests to come try CrossFit. There, he found not just a better way to work out, but also a community. In 2014, he moved to Nashville, and that fall, he joined On The End CrossFit, where he has been ever since. Zach loves CrossFit for its variability - there's always something to improve upon. At times, he focuses more on lifting, while at other times, he can work on improving his gymnastics. Zach is grateful to be able to move and move well, and he feels fortunate to be a part of a truly special community. As a testament to how wonderful the community is, Zach met his now-husband, Caleb, at the gym. Zach and Caleb bring their son to the gym, hoping to instill in him early the same values and priorities regarding physical fitness that are important to them. When not working out or working, you can probably find Zach gaming, hiking, or napping. Zach is also actively involved in animal rescue.

Turning Point

Zach is an open book, as you will learn if you spend any amount of time with him. Zach has been in recovery from alcoholism since February 14, 2018. As with any addiction, alcohol is almost always not the problem, but the symptom and maladaptive coping mechanism of a larger problem. For Zach, that problem was an identity crisis. Zach spent many of his earlier years trying to fit the mold of someone he was not. When he was sober, existential questions arose: Who was he? What did he believe? What was important to him? What is his purpose here? Alcohol drowned out these questions - until it didn't. Zach decided that enough was enough, and with the love, support, and guidance of legions of people, Zach put down the bottle for good. Today, he knows who he is and hopes to help others find themselves as well. CrossFit helps with that, as it teaches you that you are truly capable of incredible things, feats you never could have imagined you would accomplish.

Motivation & Passion

Zach loves watching it "click" for athletes he coaches. Whether it's their first unassisted pull-up, or finally correctly timing the pull on an Olympic lift, Zach loves it all. He is also very goofy, truly a kid at heart. Minimizing injuries and perfecting good technique are important and never sacrificed for humor. At the same time, Zach wants people to know that fitness can be fun! After all, if you're having fun, aren't you more likely to come back? Besides wanting to see others move and move well, happily, Zach himself wants to move well. He wants to be active in his son's life, and one of Zach's biggest dreams is to someday coach a CrossFit class that his son is in

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