Neal Goodwin

Neal Goodwin


450+ lbs deadlift

50 meter unbroken handstand walk

225+ unbroken dubs

Enjoy running every once in a while, but prefer throwing around a barbell for as many reps as possible.


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

USA - Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

About Coach

From growing up in Boston to being a full-time Nashvillian since 2012, athletics and fitness have always been an integral part of Neal's life. Playing teams sports like soccer and baseball followed by rugby in high school and college have shaped his athletic career throughout my life. As a rugby player at Vanderbilt University, he served as captain for two years and always gravitated to coaching and mentoring teammates throughout the season. While the athletic nature of Crossfit initially drew him to the sport, the community and team-first mentality are what has kept him around for over a decade.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

To Neal, coaching is about ensuring athletes have fun, pushing them to achieve their goals all the while practicing safe programming and technique. He meets each athlete where they are when they come into the gym. If someone comes in ready to grind, then together they are going to push boundaries and make diamonds out of applying constant pressure. Likewise, if they simply want to get a sweat in and release some endorphins, there is a place for that too. He enjoys coaching especially when teaching athletes a new movement or showing them a trick that helps them break through a mental wall. Whether Neal is coach and working out, he loves guiding and cheering the community through a tough workout.

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