Jason Lorenzon

Jason Lorenzon


Deadlift: 435lbs

Clean & Jerk: 275lbs

Snatch: 215lbs

Cindy: 26+ Rounds


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

USAW - Sport Performance Coach

CrossFit Adaptive Fitness Certification

Functional Movement Systems Level 1

About Coach

Health and fitness have changed for Jason a lot through the years- From being non-existent to just wanting to have a six-pack, from then being strong to wanting to be a competitive CrossFit athlete; he now finds he just wants his body to feel and move well everyday. Along the way, he has the support of the community at OTE and the joy and fun that has come along with it. The number one thing that he has learned about himself and most people, is that if something is not enjoyable, it will likely only be sustained for so long. It is from this that his main goal is to create a safe and fun environment that makes people want to come to class and not just check off a box for exercise.

Turning Point

Growing up, Jason's health was not his priority. Being told by doctors that he was overweight and that this could negatively impact his day-to-day life was hard to hear but he never really found himself motivated to do anything about it. That was until his mother took her health into her own hands and lost over 100 lbs. It was her hard work and determination that ultimately motivated him for begin his journey to better health, showing him that it anything was possible when you put your mind to it. Now, Jason finds that his good health and fitness are of utmost importance to his day-to-day life, inspiring him to help others on their journey.

Motivation & Passion

Jason has been coaching in different capacities for the past five years. From young athletes looking for a competitive advantage to men and women in their 70s looking to maintain a good quality of life, Jason has learned to approach health and fitness from different viewpoints. While the movement is essential for all facets of life, he recognizes that this is not a one-size-fits-all world. His coaching experience coupled with his variety of education, from USAW Sport Performance to Crossfit’s Adaptive Fitness course, Jason feels passionately equipped to meet people wherever they may be in their own fitness journey.

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