Hilary Gelders, MBA

Hilary Gelders, MBA

Owner | Head Coach | Personal Trainer

Bench: 175 lbs,

Overhead Squat: 180 lbs,

Clean & Jerk: 180 lbs,

Sub 17:00 Mile Swim,

Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Recovery

Mental Stamina


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

USA - Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

CrossFit Gymnastics Certification

CrossFit Aerobic Capacity Certification

Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach

About Coach

Hilary has a Masters of Business Administration and her passion for sports and fitness began at a very young age. She was a competitive swimmer from the age of seven, qualified to compete on a national level at age 12, made team captain in high school, and didn’t stop there. She was an NCAA Division 1 collegiate athlete at the College of Charleston and a top-ten finisher at the CAA Championship in both her freshman and sophomore years. She graduated from the College of Charleston in her junior year with a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and went on to receive her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from The Citadel in 2009. She spent many of her early career years in business marketing and management positions learning the ins and outs of running a number of different businesses, two of which she owned by her early 30s. Hilary found CrossFit in Charleston, SC in 2013. She joined a local CrossFit box and fell in love with the sport of fitness. It was the closest thing she had found to team sports since her athletic career ended after college. Having spent most of her years in water, her beginning days of CrossFit were rather uncoordinated as she was never a land athlete (a fish out of water). Fifteen months later, she moved to Nashville, TN and a few months later began coaching at a local CrossFit box. This marked the beginning of a career she truly loved and was passionate about. In December 2016, Hilary became the owner and head coach at On The End CrossFit. She has 7+ years of experience in coaching and programming and 16+ years of experience in business management and community building. She specializes in CrossFit fundamentals, strength training, skill development, and sports-specific training and team building. In 2019, Hilary became the Fitness Trainer for the Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders. She has also trained two of Nashville’s finest Rugby teams. From beginners to the elite, she enjoys working with athletes of all levels to achieve their goals.

Turning Point

A turning point in Hilary's life was waking up one morning and realizing that her own negative self-talk was holding her back. She found that she had a lot going for her but for some reason, she couldn't get out of her own head. She recognized that while she was physically healthy, she needed to do a lot of internal work on herself which including facing the voice inside her own head that was constantly telling her she wasn't good enough. She quickly came to the realization that the strongest muscle in your body is, in fact, your mind. She started retraining the way she thought, and the way she reacted, but most importantly, she retrained herself to receive instead of being the one giving all the time. She learned to have grace for herself the way she had grace for others and began looking for the lesson and adventure in shortcomings rather than simply being the victim. She soon found the beauty in all the things she had been through and the strength that they had brought her. Shortly after, she found CrossFit. CrossFit even further transformed her strength because not only was she becoming strong in the gym but she found she was becoming more and more confident in herself in various situations outside of the gym. She believe that transformative period of her life taught her to be resilient in every aspect of life. Ask her and she will tell you that her mental stamina both in a workout and in life is now one her biggest strengths. Face your fears and focus on your weaknesses and these said fears and weaknesses become opportunities which through attention and perseverence can become your strengths.

Motivation & Passion

Hilary has always been passionate about not only having a career but a life that helps people. CrossFit bridges the gap between physical strength and mental perseverance and she strives to help people to become more confident in their physical, mental and emotional capabilities and stronger in their resiliency throughout day-to-day life.

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