Carone Tharpe

Carone Tharpe


Sub 6 Mile Run

537lb Deadlift

365lb BackSquat

285lb Power Clean

Sickest Dance Moves Around


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

About Coach

You may have seen him on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance?” or MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” but when he is not hyping up the world with his amazing hip hop talent, he is coaching CrossFit. His passion for life, family and spreading the love shines through when leading any type of fitness class. While he was drawn to OTE because of its diversity of ethnicities and the variety of movements offered to all skill levels, he loves the high energy all-inclusive vibes that the community brings. While Carone is now a professional dancer and choreographer and part-time CrossFit coach, he was fortunate to play football, basketball, baseball, and track growing up.

Turning Point

A turning point for Carone was recognizing that his biggest fear was failure. However, he quickly learned that failure was in fact the key to success. From failure comes learning and from learning, we improve. The goal is not to avoid failure but rather to continue on after it. He finds that he is his own biggest critic and his own biggest fan all at the same time. Now having accepted it's ok not to be perfect, Carone focuses on keeping great vibes and positive energy to better every day, not just for himself but for everyone that he comes in contact with. You never know what a person is going through and a simple smile can change a person’s day so be kind to one another.

Motivation & Passion

Carone's motivation for coaching is to create a safe, positive, and efficient experience with each client. Because every client is different in their unique and special way he hopes to encourage athletes not to compare their own individual goals or accomplishments to others. You are already special and unique for a reason and Carone's goal as a coach is to help you see how special that is in and of itself. He believes that everyday is an opportunity to become a better version of himself and the same goes for the athletes he coaches as well. "Let’s have fun and let’s get Nasty y’all!!!"

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