Brandon Henderson

Brandon Henderson


70.3 Ironman

Squat 385

Front Squat300

Dead Lift 405

26.2 Marathon


Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

About Coach

Prior to CrossFit Brandon competed in triathlons, completing both the 70.3 Iron Man race and a 26.2 Marathon. He grew up playing football in Northern California and was an the offensive coordinator/linebacker coach for 5 years.

Turning Point

Before competing in triathlons and marathons, he found himself close to 300 pounds. His journey to better health and improved fitness started with diet and nutrition training and competing in some smaller races. It wasn't until he found CrossFIt at OTE in 2017 that he felt he was able to truly hone in on his transformation through balance of work and lifestyle. While he loves throwing weights around and having a good time working out, he really prides himself on being able to help people with their diet and nutrition and just all-around good health as he himself has taken that journey, losing over 80 pounds along the way. When Brandon is not in the gym, he is tattooing the community at his shop down the street, Dead Ahead Tattoo Co.

Motivation & Passion

Brandon became a CrossFit coach to help people along their own health journeys, however big or small. He also ensures that have fun along the way.

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